LP Deal Analyzer

Complete Limited Partner Bundle

Get this all in one suite of tools for just $199

This is a packaged suite of tools we wish we had when we were starting out as limited partners, and one we now use to vet every deal and cannot live without.  Everything you need in one package to analyze all aspects of being a limited partner.


From performing a Basic Deal Screen with snapshot analysis to quickly make a decision on a deal risk profile, to more advanced metrics.  Once the deal meets the initial criteria, you can then decide to take the next step and dig deeper with the advanced deal screener.  Then use key tools and illustrations using the deal metrics to highlight unique risk points with the IRR Partition tool and Alignment of Interest Checker.


Finally, once you have taken the leap and made an investment you have the critical tools used to track the past and current deal performance, as well as, your own performance on your path to financial independence.  It’s all included as a one-stop-shop and integrates together to make the inputs as efficient and seamless as possible.

Our first of its kind LP Deal Analyzer Tool makes evaluating real estate investments easy.

What's Included

Multiple tools in one product, to vet the deal and track your real estate portfolio.

Basic Deal Screen

Save time vetting deals by using our basic deal module. This will allow you to answer a series of questions about the investment and will generate a basic score for you to view and quickly determine if this deal is a good use of your time for further review.

Advanced Deal Screen

Once you know you want to spend more time on the deal. Our Advanced Deal Screen module will give you a thorough and robust analysis of the project economics, sponsorship structure, market, and risks.

Sponsorship Alignment Checker

Our financial analysis will vet the investment structure to show the alignment of the sponsor of the project with the limited partner interest. We will also give you rules of thumb on current market terms for fees and structure.

Path to Financial Independence (FI) tracker

Track your progress based on planned investment amounts, returns and time horizon where your crossover point to financial independence will be. A truly motivating tool to visualize.

Limited Partner Deal Tracker

A robust and one of a kind tool that could be a worthwhile stand-alone product on its own. This tracker allows limited partners to track their own investments progress, returns vs proforma, and has visual and graphical representations of asset allocation across multiple variables. It is a key tool for any limited partner with an eye on sponsor accountability and critical to track portfolio performance and diversity.

IRR Partition

Using a technique called a partitioned IRR we calculate and separate the portion of returns to the limited partner derived from cash flow vs a sale or refinance. Deals that have a higher percentage of return from cash flow tend to have less risk.

Efficient Functionality and Ease of Use

Allows user to quickly input and navigate when reviewing an investment summary, and resulting in a score output.

Drop down click menus for faster type free selections

Drop-down menus allow for quick selection and navigation while looking through an investment summary to quickly choose the appropriate range and category to achieve scores.

Proprietary Deal Score tabulation

Using a proprietary scoring system that takes into consideration market conditions, and weights criteria that has the largest impact on the limited partner investor returns.  The tool then calculates a running scoring for overall deal and each subsection of the deal with color coded feedback to asses “risk-profile” of deal and quickly visualize risk points.

Single Input page

For variables that need to be typed in or are not conducive to drop down menus, there is a single page where all actual inputs are placed for efficiency.  All that data from the input sheet are then automatically calculated and then uploaded throughout the other tabs and associated metrics with no need for further manual inputs.

Here at passiveadvantage.com we are working hard at continually refining our tools used to evaluate real estate syndication to help you all and ourselves to better evaluate deals. In order to keep up with market trends and economics we are diligently researching and consulting to stay one step ahead of these waves, and adjusting metrics and scoring as needed. We plan to release product updates on the LP Deal Analyzer likely on a quarterly basis but may be more frequent if the need arises.

In addition, at the request of current product users and other investors we are working hard at designing products specifically geared toward some of the more common other asset classes passive investors look to for diversification. At this time we are constructing deal analyzers specifically oriented toward other asset classes such as self-storage, mobile home parks, and real estate funds. We anticipate their release in the near future.

Please sign up for our exclusive email SUBSCRIBE list to be the first to know about these upcoming product release dates and to have the first opportunity to purchase these new tools. If interested we may have a select group of investors help with the beta of these products to get some feedback prior to release.

As investors ourselves, this product has changed the way we evaluate real estate syndication deals and made a vetting process that can be overwhelming much more scientific. It has helped us innumerably, and we now want to offer you all that some help and guidance in giving a deal snapshot of any overall risk points or red flags to be alerted to when evaluating an investment summary/PPM prior to investing our hard earned cash.

We are moving forward on this journey together, here to help one another grow, learn, and flourish side by side on that path to financial freedom.