Fall 2023 Update

We at PassiveAdvantage.com wanted to give you some exciting updates that we have in store for you in the near future.   As many of you physicians and high-income professionals know, life as a busy physician, father of three little ones, and other competing interests can sometimes slow down progress and momentum of any endeavor.  In all honesty, the growth of PassiveAdvantage.com although humbling caught us a bit by surprise.  With our subscriber list quickly ballooning to the thousands in a short time, we anticipated when we started a huge need and unmet demand for this type of deal vetting tool for passive investments in the marketplace.  What we didn’t anticipate was the rapid nature of the growth, and quite honestly as a busy physician it was tough to keep up with that growth and demand.  To be candid, at that time the infrastructure was not in place to grow as fast as you all wanted us too, or we wanted to.  However, I am happy to say that that has now all changed and with some restructuring at PassiveAdvantage.com, we are now positioned to take this product to the next level and do special things together.


Our Priority is Passive Investors, not Deal Sponsors


Our focus has always been how can we service the passive investor and add value.  We started this company with the demand and the urging of many physician friends and co-workers (at a 700 physician hospital workplace) to help on their journey to learn about passive income, its importance on the path to financial independence, and help in deal vetting and portfolio design to get there.  That value proposition is the foundation of what we do, and we don’t intend to change that.  With a robust investor list and the demand, we have been asked by many capital raisers and sponsors to help raise capital for deals and we respectfully declined.  Although raising capital offers an enticing way to make a significant amount of income in the real estate investing space, it also strays from our mantra in that our focus is not to make money off of your investments, but to help with your investments. This is a clear distinction and deviation from the saturation and flood of capital raisers in the space of whom I am sure you all are aware of pitching you deals all the time.  Our focus has been to come at things from a different angle, and to be loyal to the passive investor side of that equation.  That is what separates us, and it is an important distinction to keep in mind going forward.


Debt Structure Impact on Commercial Real Estate


Separately, as you all know this is a tumultuous economic time over the last year both in general and in the real estate investing space.  The rapid increase in interest rates by the fed, combined with some of the precarious debt structure (bridge loans) in deals has unfortunately led to some investor distributions paused, some sponsors asking for capital calls, and in some cases some investors losing capital.  If you look at the metrics in our Limited Partner Deal Analyzer (LPDA) tool, you will see why we have a dedicated section focused on debt structure, and I can tell you future versions of our tool will be even more robust on what we look at when interpreting deal debt structure.  I can tell you over the last 6 to 12 months I have only come across a handful of deals even worth considering and I get pitched 10 to 15 deals per week.  All of this leads us to the fact that now more than ever, we want to help in your investing journey in the ability to vet these passive investing deals as we are all wading in hazardous waters.  We are here to help you navigate this difficult time, to help illuminate risk points and focus is on bringing value.


Web Version of LPDA in Development


During this precarious time we did not want to flood your inbox with fluff or material that we did not add value in some way until we had something important to say.  Well, I can happily say that that time has come, and we have some exciting things to say.  We have responded to the direction of the company based both on user feedback, as well as, thinking long and hard about the vision going forward.  In view of that, we have made the decision over the next few months to transition from an excel based tool that has served us extremely well and is the foundational tool for which we started, to a web/software based tool.  This was due to several factors, but primarily we want to bring you the investor, a more user-friendly experience when inputting passive investments.  In addition, with the rapidly changing economic landscape, we want to be nimble to ebb and flow the software with these changes in the economy without having to email out new excel versions, or have investors make a second purchase to have an updated tool.  This software is going to be very familiar to those users of the Limited Partner Deal Analyzer (LPDA) tool, and we will offer a significant discount to those who are prior purchasers of the LPDA tool as promised. 


New Additions to the Team


In view of our new software focus, we have also re-organized our leadership at PassiveAdvantage.com bringing on two huge players in the space who are very familiar with software-based platforms and the engineering of such. In addition to myself as chairmen and partner, we now have Lance Pederson as CEO who some of you may know from his time at Verivest, a software company he founded to help bring passive investment opportunities and sponsor vetting to investors.  He has a wealth of experience, firsthand, of what it takes to bring this this type of platform to the next level.  We have also brought on Aaron Wald as CTO, former director of software engineering at DocuSign who brings a unique skillset of computer engineering and technology experience to take this software build out to a place that is non-existent in the market and I can assure that you will be impressed.  We are grateful to have them on our team, and we are all committed and extremely excited at the things we are planning for you in the near future.  As a whole, we are focused on bringing this game changing technology to the real estate investing space.  I can tell you when you see this technology firsthand it will really blow your mind at some of these things we are working on.


Increase in Educational Resources


With the man power and team in place to see this forward, you will soon start to see things moving quickly, and our goal is to be more engaged with you all so please feel free to reach out if there are specific things you would like to hear and learn about.   We are going to be offering more educational opportunities focused on helping you as an investor, but unlike other platforms not selling you an investment.  I wish I could tell you all the exciting things we have in store in the near future but all I can say is stay tuned.  If you are signed up as a subscriber, you will be alerted to these exciting news so you are all good.  If there are others that you think might benefit from this info please feel free to share and have them sign up on our site.




Thanks for giving us your time and attention to share these exciting updates with you.  Our focus is and always have been in giving limited partners an objective way to vet and understand risk point of passive real estate syndication deals.   We are focused on making the best possible product and tools for you going forward, and committed to bringing value.  In turn, helping those on the sideline gain confidence to take action, and as we all know that first step is the toughest to take.  Ultimately, in doing so we are diversifying from traditional stock market investing and truncating the path to financial independence for us all.  Lets take this path forward together…


Sam and the PassiveAdvantage.com Team