Our mission is to simplify the process of vetting passive real estate syndication deals through education enabling investors to step forward on the path to financial freedom.

Our first of its kind LP Deal Analyzer Tool makes evaluating real estate investments easy.

What's Included

Multiple tools in one product, to vet the deal and track your real estate portfolio.

Basic Deal Screen

Save time vetting deals by using our basic deal module. This will allow you to answer a series of questions about the investment and will generate a basic score for you to view and quickly determine if this deal is a good use of your time for further review.

Advanced Deal Screen

Once you know you want to spend more time on the deal. Our Advanced Deal Screen module will give you a thorough and robust analysis of the project economics, sponsorship structure, market, and risks.

Sponsorship Alignment Checker

Our financial analysis will vet the investment structure to show the alignment of the sponsor of the project with the limited partner interest. We will also give you rules of thumb on current market terms for fees and structure.

Path to Financial Independence (FI) tracker

Track your progress based on planned investment amounts, returns and time horizon where your crossover point to financial independence will be. A truly motivating tool to visualize.

Limited Partner Deal Tracker

A robust and one of a kind tool that could be a worthwhile stand-alone product on its own. This tracker allows limited partners to track their own investments progress, returns vs proforma, and has visual and graphical representations of asset allocation across multiple variables. It is a key tool for any limited partner with an eye on sponsor accountability and critical to track portfolio performance and diversity.

IRR Partition

Using a technique called a partitioned IRR we calculate and separate the portion of returns to the limited partner derived from cash flow vs a sale or refinance. Deals that have a higher percentage of return from cash flow tend to have less risk.

Efficient Functionality and Ease of Use

Allows user to quickly input and navigate when reviewing an investment summary, and resulting in a score output.

Drop down click menus for faster type free selections

Drop-down menus allow for quick selection and navigation while looking through an investment summary to quickly choose the appropriate range and category to achieve scores.

Proprietary Deal Score tabulation

Using a proprietary scoring system that takes into consideration market conditions, and weights criteria that has the largest impact on the limited partner investor returns.  The tool then calculates a running scoring for overall deal and each subsection of the deal with color coded feedback to asses “risk-profile” of deal and quickly visualize risk points.

Single Input page

For variables that need to be typed in or are not conducive to drop down menus, there is a single page where all actual inputs are placed for efficiency.  All that data from the input sheet are then automatically calculated and then uploaded throughout the other tabs and associated metrics with no need for further manual inputs.

Our first of its kind LP Deal Analyzer Tool makes evaluating real estate investments easy.

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About Us

Dr. Giordano became aware of investing in passive syndication deals in the year 2016 and was interested right away at learning more.  He committed himself for the first year to solely fortify his knowledge base to be able to better understand the nuances of real estate syndications prior to investing.  He absorbed as many books, podcasts, blogs and forums, as well as, speaking with many syndicators and getting on investor lists.

Dr. Samuel Giordano

Expert Investor,

Dr. Giordano has been a practicing physician at an academic medical center for ten plus years and has had consecutive designations as a “Top Doctor” in his geographic region. He has also published multiple manuscripts in peer reviewed journals. He has an avid interest in personal finance and financial education, and has formed a personal finance teaching curriculum for residents and fellows at his hospital. He is also an assistant professor at the associated medical school for his hospital. He began exploring real estate investing in 2017 and has now invested in multiple passive syndication deals during that time as a limited partner. He realized there was an unmet need and formed his own tool to better and more efficiently vet passive real estate syndication deals. He has personally experienced the benefit of passive real estate investments as a busy professional, but also realized how few of his colleagues were aware they exist. He is now committed to changing that, and feels a passion and calling to bring an exposure to passive real estate investments to more professionals to ultimately diversify from the stock market and forge their own path to financial freedom.

He is a proud husband and father of three children, and during his spare time enjoys hiking, exercising and traveling to explore our beautiful world.

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Terry Kipp

Expert Investor,
Real Estate

Mr. Kipp is a commercial real estate professional, investor, syndicator, and capital markets consultant with prior work experiences with institutional investment firms such as Prudential Real Estate Investments (PGIM $60 Billion AUM), JP Morgan (Global Real Assets $80 Billion AUM), and Pacolet Milliken Enterprises. Over the course of his career, he has structured, underwritten, and closed over $2 Billion of real estate transactions on the behalf of pension funds, endowments, and high-net-worth investors. With experience across multiple real estate disciplines, Terry’s underwritten over $6 Billion of transactions of multi-family, retail, office, and industrial assets across the country.

He resides in West Virginia with his wife and dog where they enjoy hiking, traveling, and mentoring young real estate professionals. He is an active member of Urban Land Institute (ULI), NAOIP (Commercial Real Estate Development Association), and the New York Real Estate Private Equity Network (NYPENRE). 

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