The Background Story

Dr. Giordano became aware of investing in passive real estate syndication deals in the year 2016. Once he became familiar with the opportunity to grow passive income, along with the associated tax benefits he was interested in learning more.  Since many of these opportunities require an upfront financial commitment of capitol, he wanted to take a full year to spend on a focused deep dive into learning more. During that time he devoured and absorbed anything he could get his hands on to learn more about real estate syndication investing ranging from books, podcasts, blogs and investor forums. He also spent many evenings connecting with syndicators, getting on their investing list networking and learning the players in the market. When he finally felt ready to jump in, he realized how overwhelming it can be for someone starting out with the weekly emails from syndicators, and all the deal flow and investment options. Many times deals would be filled in a short period of time and did not allow enough time to thoroughly vet the opportunity and decide on a fit. 


It became clear it could truly take hours after receiving an investment to go through all the offering documents, executive/investment summary, PPM etc. (Private Placement Memorandums) before deciding on whether to invest in a particular deal.  As a busy professional, there just did not seem to be enough time in the day to accomplish this along with his day job in an efficient manner. In addition, the reason he began to look into this type of alternative investing and the purpose of of obtaining “time freedom” was being defeated. He wanted to spend more time on the tasks he chose, and with whom. He needed to come up with a better way to vet these deals, and the tool he needed was not out there. The only way to create this tool was to do it himself, and it was then the LP syndication tool was born.  This tool was a game changer, and allowed him to quickly go through the salient points of a deal to perform a basic screen and decide whether to dive in deeper.  The tool helped to streamline his thought process and research of each opportunity and be more time efficient.  Thus, allowing him to spend his free time doing things he valued more than money, while also staying on the path to accomplish the ultimate goal of “time freedom” and financial independence. 


Over the next several years, he used this tool to form a passive real estate portfolio and was well on his way to his goals of financial independence through real estate investing.  After discussing the tool with several fellow investors, many requested a copy of this tool and were excited at how it might help them too.  It became evident there was an unmet need in the market place, and as a natural educator Dr. Giordano wanted to get this tool to the masses to be used to help others just as it had helped him.  


However, before doing so he wanted to refine and perfect the tool to be the best it could be, and be sure the metrics used were accurate and fair.  While on this quest he was later introduced through a mutual friend and syndicator to Terry Kipp. Terry viewpoint was as a seasoned real estate professional with an extensive background in real estate syndications, private equity and family offices. His background and training was in data analytics, and he is hired by many syndicators to pre-vet deals for them. After several meetings and discussions on the tool, it was clear that a partnership was natural fit. Dr Giordano offering the perspective of a busy professional looking for passive income and an experienced limited partner coupled with Terry a professional deal vetter and real estate professional who is counseled for his expertise and opinion by syndicators in doing just that, vetting deals.

It was their shared vision and belief that it is better to give than receive and both felt this could be a unique tool that could be used to help those looking to accomplish the same goal we all desire of “time freedom”.  This tool was not something to selfishly keep for themselves, but one to be brought to others in helping to demystify the deal vetting process and making it a bit more scientific.


With the ultimate goal being to give limited partners an objective way to vet similar real estate syndication deals, and more importantly the confidence to then take action.    Aristotle once said “he who has overcome his fears will truly be free” and this is exactly what we want to help people accomplish.  Hopefully, our tools will help you in taking that huge first step, and overcome those fears ultimately to accomplish the goals we all desire.

Dr. Samuel Giordano

Expert Investor and Physician

Dr. Giordano has been a practicing physician at an academic medical center for ten plus years and has had consecutive designations as a “Top Doctor” in his geographic region. He has also published multiple manuscripts in peer reviewed journals. He has an avid interest in personal finance and financial education, and has formed a personal finance teaching curriculum for residents and fellows at his hospital. He is also an assistant professor at the associated medical school for his hospital. He began exploring real estate investing in 2017 and has now invested in multiple passive syndication deals during that time as a limited partner. He realized there was an unmet need and formed his own tool to better and more efficiently vet passive real estate syndication deals. He has personally experienced the benefit of passive real estate investments as a busy professional, but also realized how few of his colleagues were aware they exist. He is now committed to changing that, and feels a passion and calling to bring an exposure to passive real estate investments to more professionals to ultimately diversify from the stock market and forge their own path to financial freedom.


He is a proud husband and father of three children, and during his spare time enjoys hiking, exercising and traveling to explore our beautiful world.

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Lance Pederson


Mr. Pederson is a commercial real estate professional, fund manager and consultant. He got his start in real estate in 2008 where he managed a $65M real estate debt fund. In 2013, he founded a real estate fund administration firm that scaled to over $3B in assets under administration. During that time, he was also a Principal for a real estate private equity firm that grew from $0 to over $300M+ in equity under management.

In addition to serving as the CEO of Passive Advantage, Mr. Pederson is a General Partner at Resonance Capital Group which acquires Class B industrial properties throughout the Midwestern United States.

He lives in Houston, TX with his wife and five children.

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Aaron Wald


Mr. Wald is the former Director of Software Engineering at DocuSign where he worked for over 14 years.

He lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and three daughters.

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